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Month: August 2014

eBay Tips. How to sell on eBay

Free eBook how to make money on eBay: In this lesson, I’ll reveal 7 tips for getting more traffic to your eBay listings so that you can capture more interest from buyers and make more sales. To make sales in a competitive online marketplace such as eBay you need three things: 1. A great product 2. Exceptional searchability to get people to your listings 3. Perfect item descriptions and marketing to get them to click the magical ‘bid’ button So to really help you push your sales up, follow these 7 easy tips to getting more traffic to your...

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3 Pros & Cons To Shopify

This is a review of the top 3 Pros and Cons of Shopify. Shopify is a e-commerce solution where you can build your own store and sell to people all over the world in your own currency. However it is not without fault so watch this video for a detailed review of Shopify and it’s 3 Pros and Cons. Shopify 14 day free trial is how I started my own store. If your interested in starting your own store Shopify despite some of its short coming is still one of the best options available. Easy to use for newbie...

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