Five ways to succeed at starting an eCommerce business.

Are you interested in starting an eCommerce business? If so you want to do everything in your power to assure your new eCommerce venture is a success. Here are five ways to succeed at starting an eCommerce business.

In my last post, I describe the 7 must have before starting a dropshipping business. Now that you have your 7 must haves in place you need to apply these 5 practices to assure your eCommerce business is a success.

1. Use PayPal as your checkout platform.
PayPal is one of the most accepted forms of payments processes online. Your customers know PayPal and trust them. PayPal is simple to use and getting started is super easy for those new to PayPal. Better yet research has shown that most online shoppers prefer to use PayPal over other payment platforms so why not use them when starting your new eCommerce business.

According to Milo Data Research, 56% of online shoppers. Value a variety of checkout options when shopping online. So make sure your other payment processes are as reliable, simple and quick as PayPal.As a rule of thumb, it is good practice to keep your checkout process simple. The majority of loss sales happen at your eCommerce business checkout page. Do not flood the checkout area with an unnecessary form to fill out.
When you check out at a popular retail store, the cashier doesn’t ask you a million question and require you to create multiple passwords for your next shopping experience. So you shouldn’t either with your online store.
Online buyers want to pay quickly for their items and move on to their next online task. So please keep the checkout process as simple as possible and you will increase your sales.

 2. Build your eCommerce business with SEO in Mind.
A recent poll by Kissmetrics proved that 31 percent of eCommerce business traffic comes from Google, Bing, and Yahoo and other organic search engines. Kissmetrics analyzed over 18,000 eCommerce businesses and the results were the same. Seo is worth the effort.

Keep in mind if the majority of eCommerce businesses are getting over 31% of their traffic from search engines, it’s a great idea for you to build your dropshipping business with SEO in mind. Please, Please take SEO serious if you’re starting a new eCommerce business.
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3. Social media is key for your ecommerce business.
It’s 2017 and a social media presence online for your dropshipping business is vital. Many of use some form of social media on a daily basis. We share, like and up vote post, videos and photos we like.
Having a social media presence will greatly increase your sales if its done right. If you not trained in social media marketing I highly suggest you hire a professional to handle your social media campaigns.
Social media marketing is much more than just posting a post here and there on Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing professionals know how to market to your target audience. A great social media marketer is worth their wieght in gold.
However, I know there are some entrepreneurs who will choose to save money and do their own marketing, however, it is time-consuming. I rather pay a professional and free up my time to fine tune my dropshipping store and research hot products. If you’re new to marketing here are some valuable low-cost courses to get you started social media marketing.
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4. Set your prices right with no surprises.
Nothing is more frustrating than being excited to purchase a product online, only to get hit with excessive shipping and tax prices at checkout. was recently fined over $6.7 million due to false price advertising. A good practice is to include taxes and shipping cost in the price of your item then offer free shipping.Keep in mind the shipping is not free and the taxes are included in the final price of the item.
However, your buyer will see the exact price they expect to see at checkout. Now there is some exception especially when shipping item overseas. Other than that keep in mind to never every surprise your buyers at checkout. You will lose sales if you do.
5. Choose a relevant ecommerce business name.
Choosing a name for your eCommerce business often time can be complicated. However, a rule of thumb is to choose a name that describes exactly the niche your dropshipping business caters to. Having a simple eCommerce business name is easy for your customers to remember and share.
If you ever find yourself explaining your business name then it’s a good sign that you did not pick a good name for your online store. I understand many gurus online promote building a personal brand. However, if you’re selling in a passion oriented niche and your business name does not reflect anything related to that passion. Don’t expect your targeted audience to click on your link when they can’t associate your business name with anything related to the niche.
If your business name is hard to remember your customer will not remember and that will surely hurt your sales. There are multiple ways to build a successful eCommerce business. The processes above are valuable and if you apply them they will greatly aid in your eCommerce success.  Remember just starting is the most important step you can take. You don’t have to be motivated to start dropshipping. You just need to get started. Waiting to feel ready to start a business is the same thing as expecting it not to happen. So let make this happen for you. Click the link below and get top notch eCommerce business training and start your eCommerce business today.
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