Pondering which products to include in your startup e-commerce store inventory? Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you must have many plans for success of your business. But never forget to focus on the product selection process. However, stuffing up your website with a lot of products is not a great idea. Rather you need to focus on choosing unique and great products that will ultimately attract customers towards your online business. Hence the dropshipping business model comes to use. In Dropshipping business model you don’t have to manage your inventory physically, rather in just a few clicks you can add or remove any product. Many businesses in the form of preloaded dropship websites are gaining success and now it’s your turn to be one of them.

Finding the product that will earn you success is not that easy. But you don’t have to worry when we are here to help you out. So, here we will provide 6 dropshipping products that you can include in your inventory.

Understanding dropshipping

If you want to run your store without managing the inventory, then the dropshipping model is the best choice for you. Different from the usual ecommerce business, you didn’t have to think about the storage, shipping, and handling. Hence in this model, you just need to load products into your online store. And as you receive an order from a customer, your supplier will take all the headache of delivering the product to your customer’s door. Changing of inventory is easy in this model. Just with one click of your mouse, you can add or remove any product from your online store. This method helps in preparing the product list that will be loved by your customers.

What criteria to follow while choosing the perfect product?

  • Exclusive products
  • Generates interest among the buyers
  • Price is difficult to figure out
  • Less expensive
  • Doesn’t include much research

However, we promised you provide you with such a list of 6 products that can boost your business towards success. Here we go;

  1. Moon Lamps

Moon Lamp, Moon light

Now nothing would be better than a moon lamp to start with. Being a unique dropshipping product, it is an attractive décor item that will captivate your customers. However, they are not common yet. So, customers will surely drop to your online store to explore more about it, as they don’t know any other place to buy it from. In 2018, Moon lamps stand as one of the products that will attract customers’ interest towards your online store. Willing to have a decor section? Then moon lamps are must to include in your inventory, to tempt your customers to visit your online store.

2. World Map Watches

Rotating Airplane Global Travel World Map Watch PU Leather Band Quartz Watch 3pcs/Set

Watches are liked by people of all age groups and stands as a daily use item. So, including a watch, in your online store inventory, is very essential. Consider as a classic product, it will attract more people towards your online store.

However talking about this world map watches, it is classy with a modern touch. Hardly seen before, this unisex watches can lure any customer. So, if you are willing to sell fashion accessories, then the world map watches would be the perfect choice for you. It will be a welcome product for the fashion segment of your online store’. So, don’t miss this item.

3. Dog Water Bottles

Pet’s lovers often search for some unique products to pamper their pets.  In no way, they can be ignored as they are important for any startup ecommerce entrepreneurs. But there are others in the market who have also understand the value of the pet owners. So you need to include something really unique and interesting to entice them towards your online store.

So, here is a dog water bottle that can serve the purpose. Hardly known in the pet industry, this dropshipping product is ideal for dog walkers. Even you can couple it up with some interesting offer or marketing campaign. Without any doubts, this dog water bottle will help you in climbing the ladder of success.

4. Elephant pillows

Stuffed Elephant Plush Best Baby Pillow

Now let’s add something for the kids. There are a number of online stores that posses a vast inventory of toys. So, thinking out of the box, this elephant pillows will definitely help you in earning some penny. Unique in the market, this dropshipping product is often bought out of affection, avoiding much research. The best part of choosing this product is the margins and the potential to yield profit in every sale. Even you can mark them while adding to the inventory. However, this will result in more money which you can use in future campaigns.

5. Puzzle Mugs

You might ask that what’s the need of adding mugs when it is already present as a daily usable item. Well, in that case, the answer is very simple. Though, available everywhere in home and offices, but mugs are seen in high demand every time. So keeping a mug in your inventory will attract more people towards your online store, especially when it is such a unique and attractive puzzle mug. Brand new in the market, this puzzle mug is surely a product to make its place in the unique dropshipping product list 2018.

6. Choker Necklaces

8 Pieces Choker Necklace Set Stretch Classic Gothic Choker Necklaces

Now it’s time to add the all-time hot product to the unique dropshipping products lists 2018. Choker necklace has always proved itself as one of the favorite product for the dropshippers. If you are willing to keep a women segment, then don’t forget to add the choker necklace in your inventory.  Available in various color and styles, surely you can get products that fit well with the style of your brand.

So here are the top 6 unique dropshipping products 2018 according to us. These are some of the unique products that will attract your valuable customers to pay a visit to your online store. Hopefully, you have figured out what to include in your online store. Remember if Dropship Rocket can create you a preloaded dropshipping store full of all these products. Visit them at dropshiprocket.com