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Suppliers Directory Overview

Key Benefits

SaleHoo has 8,000+ legitimate supplier lists helps sellers avoid scams: One of the hardest parts of selling products online through sources like eBay or Amazon is finding legitimate suppliers. I actually lost my ebay account due to a shady drop shipper, then had to fight like hell to get it back. Please don’t let that happen to you.  All of SaleHoo suppliers sell real products that aren’t knock-offs, and they sell them for low prices.

They take the confusion out of online selling: you may want to start an online e-commerce business, but don’t know which products to sell and how to sell them. Salehoo Market Research Lab teaches you which products are hot, and how to best promote them. I have a video on exactly how to do this.

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They have personal support and advice: They have an extensive, experienced support team that answer emails and forum posts with personalized advice. Let me tell you first hand that having some one to answer your questions directly when trying to build your business is a blessing.

SaleHoo has one of the largest wholesale and online seller discussion forums on the internet. Joining this forum and learning from others who have created a successful dropshipping business. Will save you the pains of making some of these mistakes yourself.

So What Is Included

Sign up for Salehoo directory service and you’ll have access to 8000+ verified suppliers spanning 150 categories.
These suppliers are suitable for all sorts of business sizes – including suppliers with no minimum orders, which is a must for the beginner dropshipper. Most suppliers have international shipping and more.

You all gain access to the Market Research Lab which tells you which products are the hottest and best selling on eBay. It also gives you information to help you promote your products successfully (such as what auction start times on eBay have had the greatest success keywords and more).

You get access to real, experienced support staff who will answer your questions and help you find the right supplier for you. Access to one of the largest wholesale and online seller discussion forums on the internet.

Who Is It For?

Beginners who don’t know how to find a wholesalers or dropshipping suppliers, and don’t know which products they should sell online.
Intermediate and advanced customers who have experience selling online, but are struggling to find legitimate suppliers.

Intermediate and advanced customers that want to branch into new items, but need information on which items are selling well and information on legitimate suppliers.

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