Have you ever thought about starting your own online business? Have you ever searched for how to start an e-commerce store easily? If yes, don’t worry about it anymore. Today, we will help you to start an online drop shipping business.

A drop shipping business is one in which you supply goods to your customers by purchased from a supplier. In other words, you don’t store goods that you sell. You need to work with a trusted supplier which can sell the goods on behalf of your name. A drop shipping business doesn’t take a lot of money to start.

However, you will need to do a lot of research and work before starting one. If you are looking for a method to start your drop shipping business, have a look at the process below.

1)    Select a dropshipping niche

The first and most crucial step in starting a drop shipping business is selecting a niche. There are hundreds and thousands of niches in which you can start your business. However, how would you find out which one is best for you? Well, there are various things to consider before selecting a niche.

First of all, check what niches your competitors are working on. After this, you will have to find out the best niche according to your area. Choose the products which are usually bought online. You can also consider low price products as they are quickly sold online. Moreover, keep in mind your likings and disliking.

Choose the niche in which you are interested in working with. As mentioned earlier, always choose products which are mostly purchased online, profitable and low priced.

2)    Choose your products to drop ship 

The second step is selecting the right product. What I mean by the right product is a product is light weight and easily shipped. Most of the time drop shipping businesses fail because people don’t know the ways to deal with all of the products which they are selling.

However, you need to think about it in detail. First of all, do some research and find out which products you can easily get, which products are mostly used and which products will give you more benefit. Additionally, have a look at the products and niche ideas from your competitors. It will also help you to decide your business products.

The products which you are choosing for your business must be those about which you know something about. You can also select different categories like clothing, household items, and food items. Being knowledgeable with a product niche helps you better sell it.

3)    Find a dropshipping supplier

After deciding your niche and choosing your products carefully, you need to find a supplier. The supplier is one of the most important persons in a drop shipping business.

Most of the business depends on your supplier. There are many reasons for this like you will sell your products from your supplier. Your supplier will deliver the goods to your customers and your business will be good if the quality of your supplier’s products is considerable. It means you cannot take a risk while selecting a supplier.

In order to find the best supplies for your drop shipping business, search well and compare different suppliers. Give offers to different suppliers and choose one who suits perfectly according to your budget, products, and services. That’s how you will find the best supplier for your online business.

4)    Build your dropshipping website

If you have decided your niche and chosen your products for drop shipping business, it is the time to create your website. A fantastic website is the most important thing in a drop shipping business as all the deals are made on it.

You can follow some platforms, you can get ideas from your competitors and you can brainstorm some web ideas to make your website more beautiful and attractive. Just keep in mind that you create a regarding website which provides each and every detail of the products to your customers.

If you are not expert in websites, you can choose a professional source to get an amazing website. We are Dropshipricket.com and we provide everything for you.

At dropshiprocket.com we create premade and custom made dropshipping businesses. We provide access to some of the best suppliers in the dropshipping community. We also provide you with marketing and step by step support to grow your dropshipping business.

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5)    Start your dropshipping business

Select a particular niche, find products to sell, deal with our trusted supplier and find follow our proven marketing plan to promote your business. When all of this is done, you are ready to start your drop shipping business properly and we can help.

Now, you will have to do some other tasks for your business. First of all, build a business structure and define the ways for proper management of your business. Now get the necessary licenses, tax IDs and permits for your business.

After this, you need to market your business. As you know, you cannot start your business properly until you do its marketing. You can do it in different ways like publishing ads on YouTube and Facebook and running a blog to promote your website etc. These methods will help you a lot to make your business stand up.

6)    Get a backup plan for your ecommerce dropshipping store

In a drop shipping business, you need to have backup of everything. It includes backup of products, suppliers and the workers who are working in your business. Suppose your supplier has moved to a new city and is not providing his products anymore.

What would you do? Surely, you would need another supplier. That’s the reason why you need to have another supplier in advance. Similarly, you can get backups of other things in your drop shipping business.


A drop shipping business is very straightforward to start and you don’t have to spend a lot on it. You only have to do some search and work in order to start your business. Just choose a niche, find products and get a supplier to start your business. After this, you need to market your business, and it will be working in a few days.