Sell on Amazon why should you? The answer is simple, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. The Amount of traffic Amazon receives is more than double that of eBay. What’s more Amazing is it’s easier to list and sell your items on Amazon which means you make more sales doing half the work.

Amazon is not for everyone. However, it is for the online sellers who wants to reach a diverse audience and increase their online sells. Honestly, Amazon does not come without its drawbacks however the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

I’m going to share with you some reasons why you should consider selling on Amazon over eBay.

Large Amounts Of Traffic Equals Sales.
Amazon customer base is huge. A previous study done earlier this year shows that Amazon customer base is 240 million. However, eBay customer base is only 72 million. Which means if you decide to sell on Amazon you have access to over 3 times the Amount of potential customers than you do on eBay.
If you’re still considering selling on Amazon, you now have 240 million reasons to do so.

Amazon Is Trusted By Millions.
Americans and people across the world trust and know Amazon. Which means they are more willing to spend money with them. Amazon reported a revenue of $82.8 billion this year. In comparison Amazon rival eBay reported a revenue of $17 billion. So in actuality consumers spend more than three times as much shopping on Amazon than on eBay.
So what does all this mean to a potential Amazon seller. For one you should be excited about the earning potential just by having a store on Amazon. However the million dollar question is how do you get your piece of the Amazon pie?

Amazon reputation is golden. Consumers trust Amazon, many people who shop on Amazon refuse to shop on eBay. A survey between the two e-commerce platforms showed that buyers trusted Amazon more than eBay and many of the people surveyed regarded eBay as a auction site filled with scammers and untrustworthy ammeture sellers. Those same people surveyed regard Amazon as a more professional online entity to do business with.
The Best Part Of Amazon Is Prime
Amazon prime offers guaranteed two-day free shipping and a golden 30 day return policy. Which makes Amazon very appealing over eBay. A study done this year showed that Amazon prime members spent on average $200 more a year than non-prime members.
Say Goodbye To Listing Fees
There are no listing fees or sales amount limitations when selling on Amazon. Unlike eBay where you are charge a fee per listing you create and you’re limited to the amount of inventory you can list. This is great for those choosing to sell on Amazon, because you do not have listing fees or inventory amount limitation you can list more items which will result in more sales. However Amazon does charge the seller on average 15% of the sale price once an items sells.

More Money With Little Work.
You don’t have to constantly relist item for sell. Once you create an Amazon listing its up until you decide to take it down there’s no need to continually relist the item for sell, which means less work for you. Not only that, you can list items in half the time it take to list on ebay. If you have an item for sell that is already on Amazon you can do a search and list under that created listing in less than a minute. However if you’re not taking advantage of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) you will have to handle all the customer service and shipping yourself which can become tedious at times if you’re not utilizing a dropshipper. If you’re interested in utizling a drop shipper to fulifill your Amazon order please watch the video below.

Up Your Prices.
Most items sold on Amazon are new. Unlike eBay where it is report that almost 35% of the items sold are used or consider new other. When selling on Amazon you mostly sell items as new so you can charge a bit more for the item. This works for used items too, because Amazon customers are used to the Amazon format you can usually sell a used item at a higher price on Amazon than you can on eBay and still be successful.

Play With The Big Boys
it’s next to impossible for a new seller to get there products on a big brand name store shelves or website. However if you decide to sell on Amazon you’re instantly part of a company that is nationally known and trusted across the world.
Become An Amazon Associates
The Amazon Associate program is one of the most successful Affiliate programs on the planet. As an Amazon Associate you can promote any product that Amazon has for sell. Amazon has A great compensation plan where you can gain up to 10% of the total purchase of a buyer that access Amazon through your link.

Programs like Fresh Store Builder make is super easy for anyone to create an Amazon affiliate store. With Fresh Store builder you can create a store related to any of Amazon categories this is great for marketing to a particular type of shopper. Becoming an Amazon affiliate and utilizing Fresh store builder give you access to an unlimited amount of inventory to market. Check out this review of fresh store builder. Click the link below to visit visit Fresh Store builder and create you an Amazon Affilate store. Watch this review over fresh store builder.

Fast forward video to 4:45 for fresh store builder review

Fast forward video to 4:45 for fresh store builder review

Fresh Store Builder - The Most Advanced Amazon Affiliate Software

Amazon Is The Apple and Google Of Retail
Amazon is leading the game in retail and technology advancements in the ecommerce and online retail field. Those who decide to sell on Amazon will never be shocked by industry trends or sudden changes. Amazon keeps its seller informed and up to date.
By now I am sure you have realized that Amazon is an amazing alternative to selling on eBay. You’re able to reach more potential customer which equals more sales. Amazon offers lower seller fees and no limitations on inventory Amount. Which mean the more volume of products you have the more likely someone will stumble across you listing and make a purchase. If you looking for inventory to instantly fill to your Amazon store visit wholesale2b for supplier and drop shippers for your amazon store. Once again Amazon is not perfect however it’s an better alternative to eBay. Please feel free to comment below and share you thoughts. Thanks for reading this article as a thanks please feel free to browse my free list of suppliers. Click here to see the wholesale dropshipping list.