If you want a six-figure income from the comfort of your bedroom, without investing much time and money, then a turnkey dropshipping websites were made just for you. These turnkey dropshipping websites are tailor fitted to meet the expectations of any aspiring entrepreneur interested in e-commerce.

What are turnkey dropshipping websites? And how can I get one?

A turnkey dropshipping website is a term used for an eCommerce website that is already functional and operational, whose function is to help you start dropship products, with an online store that is preloaded with products.

All aspects of the website have been created for you. Turnkey dropshipping websites have already been pre-built for you to enjoy with income generating abilities, and ready for marketing from day one. A dropshipping website has flexibility in the sense that you can set prices for the products advertised and edit your profit margins.

You don’t need to worry about building an e-commerce website from scratch; everything is done for you. However, some new entrepornuers are afraid to start an online business for lots of reasons.

For example choosing a website theme that’s easy to edit and understand and importing hundreds or even thousands of products, photos, and descriptions can take a massive amount if time and know how. However, with a turnkey dropshipping business this is not an issue. All the hard work is done for you. You can start marketing your business asap to begin making sales. And if there any edits to make to your drop shipping store you can do it at any time. At least you will have a business up and running.

The best thing is you do not require any technical experience when setting up a dropshipping website. There is no need to spend your time learning website design or HTML codes. Most small how to’s edits can be found on YouTube if you need a change. Also, the funds required to set up are lower compared to a professional web designer building a store for you.

Also the site has been pre-built with the capability to help you sell products that weren’t made by you or which you don’t personally own, what the turnkey dropshipping website helps you do is to promote the products, make sales and make a profit.

The website is fully customizable, so you can easily alter the site to fit into what you really want. With a turnkey dropshipping website, you can be up and running in little to no time.

How Do I Buy A Dropshipping Website?

One of the best things about getting a dropshipping website is the ease at which you can acquire it. The cost is also very affordable, and at the same time, you are creating a new source of income.

Buying a dropshipping website is simple. There are lots of websites and online stores that offer dropshipping sites for purchase, like Shopify Exchange, DropshipRocket or empire flippers. Below I will explain how to purchase a dropshipping website from each platform.

How To Buy A Dropshipping Website From DropshipRocket.com

You can buy a professionally built dropshipping website from Dropship Rocket. The advantages of getting a professionally developed site are numerous. First and foremost, if you are interested in making six figures from dropshipping you should invest in there custom made websites. Dropship rocket will help you research your inch then create a professional looking drop shipping website for you. There most successful clients have multiple sites.

Your other option is to take advantage of their preloaded drop shipping websites. Buying an already existing drop shipping website signifies that you are ready to get your business started, no more time to wait.

With Dropshiprocket.com you can choose from over 30 drop shipping businesses. On their site, you can view each active site they have for sale. Each drop shipping website is preloaded with over 100 items, and each business comes with access to step by step video guides and a detailed niche marketing plan.

Dropshipricket.com also has digital services businesses. These are businesses that offer digital services. For example, you could buy a social media marketing business, or an app launch business or even resume writing business. They have many other digital services websites to choose.

The best part about the digital services businesses are these businesses are evergreen. Meaning they never go out of style and there will always be a need for them which make these businesses super easy to market.

If you want to buy a professionally built website from Dropship Rocket, these are the procedure which you have to follow.

• Select the package you are interested in buying; there are three packages available on Dropship Rocket.

There is the $295 package which offers one store, Aliexpress and other verified drop ship suppliers, free hosting, and on-demand marketing ads.

The other package which goes for $475 offers two stores, two free domains, free hosting, keyword research, access to Aliexpress and other verified dropshipping suppliers, and on-demand marketing adverts.

$695 will get you three drop shipping websites with all the included extra mentioned above. Remember they also have a custom store option for $399.

So once you select your package, the site will take you to another page with heading “Aliexpress Dropshipping Checkout 2 Sites”. On this page, you are required to fill in your name, email, Skype ID, the category you want to trade in, and you checkout with your PayPal.

Nice and smooth you are now the owner of a professionally built Dropshipping website. That will be accessible with 24hours.

The only thing I dislike here is that dropship rocket requires you to choose a new domain name. After looking over there sites, I notice they have some great domain names for the businesses. It would be nice to keep the domain name after purchase. I’m sure if you ask them nicely they may consider letting you keep the domain.

Reasons You Should Buy Your Own Dropshipping Website.

There are lots of reasons why you should buy a dropshipping website.

1. Why wait to start a business.

If you are ready to start a business purchasing a preloaded website gets you in business fast.

2. Drop shipping Create A New Source Of Income:

One of the top advantages of owning your own dropshipping business is that you are creating for yourself another channel of income generation.
It doesn’t matter if you’re working full time, part time, or even unemployed, getting yourself a good drop shipping website, and backing it up with a good marketing plan can help you generate extra income even more significant than the revenue generated from your day job.

3. Flip your website for profit

Have you ever seen those tv shows where investors buy homes to build them up then sell them for a profit? Well, the same thing can be done with a preloaded drop shipping business. You can purchase a business market it, change something on the site, get some sales and then sell your business for at least 12 months of your monthly sales. Try doing that with an eBay or Amazon business.

4• No need to stock products

When you buy a dropshipping website you will not be required to store or purchase or even ship any products that you sell on your store, so no inventories. When an order is placed on your store, the shipping info and payment is given to the supplier. The supplier is then required to ship the products to the customer.

5• Lower Startup Cost: To Starting A Dropshipping Store.

Drop shipping is one of the low-cost businesses to start. With a capital of $295, you can get yourself a good drop shipping website, fully functional and ready to make you six figures.

6• You Don’t Need To Be A Website Guru:

You don’t need to be a website genius or require technical know-how. Knowing HTML coding or how SSL works is inconsequential when you get a ready-made dropshipping website from a reputable company, all the technical aspects are handled for you, all you have to do is invest in an excellent marketing plan, your website will undoubtedly start making money for you.

So what are you waiting on? Go find a niche, get over to dropshiprocket.com and chat with there support staff via instant chat. So that’s how to buy a dropshipping business.