Craft Gawker
 Pintrest alternative
I love this site; I use Craft Gawker mostly to advertise items I have listed on Esty or Storenvy. This site is also useful to promote any other crafty or handmade items your currently dropshipping. So if you love crafts and art, or have a store related to the handmade or the craft niche. You for sure want to use Craft Gawker.
dwellinggawker pinterest like site
Dwelling Gawker is a must for promoting any home and garden products. I post all my furniture and related items to this site the best thing about this site is it dedicated to home ideas. This site has a very strong and active community and if you have some really neat furnishing your items will be shared and reposted multiple times. Make sure you use this site if you have any furniture in your dropshipping store.
Dudepins is very similar to Pinterest and is entirely focused towards a male audience. So if you have anything in your store related to men, in general, you for sure want to list and promote your items here. They all so have an adamant member base and community.
Fancy Is one of the best-hidden gems on this list. I have been selling my store items on Fancy for years. I promote every one of my shop items on this site. You can also list your items for sale. If you are not using Fancy to support your dropshipping store, you are for sure leaving money on the table.

Juxtapost is another Pinterest-like website. I use this site for my niche related stores. If you are selling items that target a very rare niche, you want use this site ASAP. Reason being is Juxtapost has a neat feature; it’s called the “more like this” button. For example, when someone is searching a particular item and clicks that button. They could be presented with all your store related content and items.  The website is great for targeting a very rare niche group.
Wehearite is mostly likely more similar to Pinterest than any other site on the list. The good thing about that is you don’t have to learn how to use a different social media site. Weheart it is almost a 1 to 1 match to Pinterest. The site has a huge member base and will result in a high increase in views to your site.
Thank you for considering my top 6 Pinterest alternative sites. Please make sure you use several of these sites to increase your online store traffic. It’s no longer enough just to post items on your favorite eCommerce sites and expect to have orders similar to the top earners selling in your category. Driving outside traffic to your site is the key to making life changing money.
Please comment below also share your personal way of driving customers to your eCommerce stores.