Let’s be honest dropshipping is not as easy as must YouTuber make it out to be. It sometimes difficult to research a quality supplier with decent profit margins. Most new drop shippers end up with little profits and stressed when they decide to finally build a dropshipping business from scratch. However, in this Dropship Rocket review, I will seek to prove how investing in a turnkey dropshipping store can solve all these problems.

Dropship Rocket, unlike Shopify, does not offer you a platform to build a dropshipping business. Dropship Rocket offers premade turnkey dropshipping business for sale. Their goal is to quickly get entrepreneurs who are interested in building a dropshipping business up and running within 24 hours or less.

Number One Reason Dropshipping Stores Fail.

Too often have I read forums and watched videos of excited Shopify store owners who became burned out and gave up on their drop shipping business. The truth is 85% of all Shopify stores fail. A recent study showed the overwhelming reason why the majority of those stores failed is due to store build burnout. Meaning they never launched period. That’s right, most new Shopify store owners never open the business. Throw on top of that trying to find a reliable supplier adding hundreds of items then figuring out marketing, oh there’s monthly Shopify fees too. No wonder why so many Shopify store owners never stick with it.

Dropship Rocket was created to solve these issues. When you invest in a Dropshiprocket.com business you own a live turnkey dropshipping business fully loaded with over 100 products. Dropship Rocket includes step by step video training on how to best market your new dropshipping business. They also show you how to operate the backend of your business which means adding new products and placing orders or changing anything you want on your site. They have really simplified the store launch process.

One of the best features that Dropship Rocket offers is free hosting and free lifetime support for your store. That amazing this means you invest in your business one time and never have to pay any other ongoing fees especially if you follow there niche marketing plan for your e-commerce business.

Compare that to any Shopify store planes, which vary from $29 a month to $299 a month. Most Shopify owners pay $79 a month for their business whether they are making sales or not. That comes to over $950 a year with taxes. However, if you invest in a dropshiprocket.com store you can own three dropshipping businesses and never have to pay a monthly charge for hosting. Better yet you don’t have to invest valuable time building the store for that price. I don’t know about you but not paying a monthly fee sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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Is Dropship Rocket Worth The Investment.

In this Dropship Rocket review I have shared with you some pros, however, a good review would not be complete without some cons. So here are some shortcoming of  Dropship Rocket.


  1. All the stores have the same design theme and layout.

All the stores are built with the WordPress Virtue Theme with the exception of the marketing reseller businesses and custom stores builds. Which means they all look amazing on a mobile device and are super fast. However, the con here is that all the businesses follow the same layout as they are all part of the same theme.

The Dropship Rocket team explains they did this to keep the cost of the business affordable for new entrepreneurs and to limit confusion when operating the business. For example, if your invested in the three package option and are completely new to e-commerce and WordPress. You would own 3 stores with 3 different themes, Therefor you would need to learn how to operate 3 completely different stores on the backend. So keeping all the stores themes the same does make sense. However, it just does not leave room for visual variety when choosing your new businesses. But hey this is WordPress you can change the theme yourself easily if you wish.


  1. Aliexpress suppliers and shipping times

There are many businesses that are very successful dropshipping from overseas. Believe me, I own a couple.  It’s no secret that the Aliexpress dropshipping model is in full effect on a platform like Shopify and it does work. But the con here is you guessed it the shipping times. If your targeting Americans the shipping times are key. Even with Aliexpress e-Packet delivery, you’re looking at a 6 to 9 day shipping time with the supplier’s Dropship Rocket has partnered with from Aliexpress.

However, Some stores do have American suppliers. The best thing here is to make sure your clients understand the shipping times. Or better yet ask Dropship Rocket which stores have American suppliers or which stores have the best shipping times.


  1. They are starter businesses

Because these stores are designed to get you started as quickly as possible and designed in a fashion to keep the initial cost down for the new store owner. Many features and very helpful apps are initially left out.

For example one of the best apps for any e-commerce store is an abandoned cart plugin which allows you to contact visitors who place items in your store cart but never checked out. There also isn’t an option to collect visitors email addresses.

These are two major features that will greatly aid in any online business. However, once again these items were left out along with some others to keep the cost of the sites affordable for new business owners. If you really wanted these features I’m sure if you ask Dropship Rocket to add them at the time of purchase it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the way dropshiprocket.com has there step by step marketing plan set up you really don’t need email marketing, however, email always helps. 

My final thoughts on dropshiprocket.com

In conclusion even with the 3 cons provided in this Dropship Rocket review I honestly believe this is one of the best and affordable options for anyone wanting to learn how to start a dropshipping business. Just the ability to own a turnkey e-commerce business that is 100% setup and loaded with products puts you ahead of 85% of Shopify store owners who will fail because of store build burnout.

Also, you get step by video training for marketing and store operation that alone is a value that is worth more than a single store purchase itself. Throw in the free hosting and lifetime store support and you have a receipt for a successful dropshipping business. All you need to do is follow there free step by step marketing plan and start making sales.

They really provided you an avenue to start a drop shipping business without wasting countless hours researching suppliers, testing marketing or adding hundreds of products.

I almost forgot one of the best options dropshiprocket.com has are there marketing reseller businesses. These are business that provides digital marketing services to other businesses. These businesses are evergreen meaning they will never go out of style and there’s always a need for there services.

For example, you could own a social media marketing business, a resume rewriting service or start your own SEO agency with no experience necessary because once you get a sale you just forward your client info to the digital agency or virtual assistant that come with the business they will do the work and present on your behalf. Owning one of the digital services business is just like dropshipping but instead of dropshipping product you will be dropshipping services and it’s a brilliant idea.


They have over 10 digital marketing reseller business to choose from. 


As a reminder, they change stores often so if you find a niche you like best to invest in your store while it last. Every second you wait someone else is making your money.  So get on over to Dropship Rocket and start your business today. If you have any question they have 24/7 live chat right on the website. Now go launch your dropshipping business with Dropship Rocket.  Thank you for reading this dropship rocket review. I have added a short collecting of dropshiprocket.com store below for your viewing

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