Yay!!! You finally set up your drop shipping site; it has the best features your customers could imagine, the user interface is top notch, page loading time is a nonexistent but quick question, is it Search Engine Optimized? And are your using utilizing eCommerce SEO to maximize your sale and traffic?

You’ve definitely come across SEO in quite some places, seeing as it’s being used by a lot of people in different fields. You’ve certainly wondered what the whole buzz is about SEO, looked it up, saw a whole lot of technical terms which you didn’t precisely understand then concluded SEO is definitely for geeks.

Am I on track? If I just described you, the bad news is there are a lot of people out there who also think SEO is astronomical physics but the good news is I’m here to change that and present SEO in it’s most basic form to you. All you have to do is read through this article that explains what eCommerce SEO is.

So in this article, in the simplest way possible, I’d explain eCommerce SEO and why it’s so essential for your drop shipping site to have it.

SEO 101

Just so you’re not confused, here’s what SEO means in it’s most basic form: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doing particular activities which make sure your website appears early when searched for. Easy right?

When you need to buy an item you have no idea where to get it, what do you do? You search the Internet for it! You don’t go on social media to do this but use search engines like Google, Bing, etc. As a dropshipping business owner, you surely need your dropshipping store to be the first one customers see when they search for a niche product you have, that is precisely what eCommerce SEO does.

Why Search eCommerce Engine Optimization?

The actual answer to this is WHY NOT eCommerce SEO? The pros of having your dropshipping site search engine optimized far outweigh the cons(if any). Yes the results of SEO are not immediate, and the process itself is time-consuming but remember what they say about good things taking time? I’ve listed a few reasons your drop shipping site should definitely be search engine optimized:


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  1. Visibility for your dropshipping store:

What’s the use of a website if you do not intend for it to be seen? The most crucial thing eCommerce SEO does for your dropshipping website is put it on a higher pedestal on search engines. The truth is, there are a lot of people doing what you do, selling exactly what you are selling, so it’s vital that you stand out and be very visible.

Look at it this way; nobody goes past the first page on any search engine, if they’re really detailed or have a lot of time on their hands they’ll make it to the second page before quitting. What you want to do is ensure that your dropshipping site is on the first page or worst case scenario, on the second page of any search engine and this is exactly what eCommerce Search Engine Optimization does for you.

eCommerce SEO forces your customers to see you. Every time there’s an organic search for any product you have, you’re already in a competition with a million other drop shipping sites, eCommerce SEO increases your chances of being picked by placing you in a prime area to be seen and chosen by your customers.

The truth is, you can have the most exceptional drop shipping site with the best customer interface and also best prices but if you do not get traffic to your site, if people do not click on your link then your website is just a huge chunk of diamond sitting among stones.

Long Term: The results of eCommerce Search Engine Optimization are slow at first but very worth it in the long run. Look at it, as training a child to ride a bicycle; at first, you have to always be by their side, holding the bicycle steady, showing them how to pedal, encouraging them, but in a month or two they’re basically experts, riding away at every opportunity.

eCommerce SEO takes time and investment and usually kicks off slowly but once the results start pouring in, it never stops, and this is what really sets it apart from conventional advertising. If you were to run a seven-day ad on Facebook for your dropshipping site, of course, you’d get increased traffic to your dropshipping website for those seven days. However, after that, the visits start to fade out, and you’re back to the beginning, thinking of how to get customers to your dropshipping site, with eCommerce SEO, the customers never stop coming.

2. eCommerce SEO is Affordable:

While this sounds untrue, especially as you’ve probably heard about eCommerce SEO experts and digital marketing and how more expensive they are when compared to conventional advertising. The truth is, eCommerce SEO is a lot cheaper than going through the rigors of conventional advertising.

While you can learn to do eCommerce Search Engine Optimization yourself if you have the time, of course, it’s better if you pay SEO experts to optimize your site at least the first time and then you just follow up on what’s been done.

Investing in SEO is a long-term plan with high return rates. If done right, you’ll most likely be getting traffic to your website for as long as the website remains up. Just so you don’t take my word for it, I want you to compare the amount you would spend on buying clicks, paid ads, intensive marketing for a year side by side with what you would spend on eCommerce SEO for your drop shipping site. See the difference?

3. When you know better do better:

Now, this is not to scare you in any way but if you have a drop shipping site without SEO, now is the best time to start looking in another business direction. You’re probably not ready for the drop shipping business if you have a million and one competitors and then neglect to do the one thing that would make you stand out and be easily accessible to your customers. When you know better do better, and if you read this article this far, you now know the importance of eCommerce SEO.

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The way Google and honestly almost every search engine is programmed now is to ease user experience as much as possible. They immediately ascribe less importance to your site if you do not have adequate site visits. Search engines want to ensure that only the best gets seen on their first two pages and site visits for them are indicators of how well user experience on your site is. So you could build the most magnificent drop shipping website, but without eCommerce SEO you’ll be lucky if you turn up on page 120 of any search engine.

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