This article will teach how to dropship with now money. Entrepournors around the world try to start a dropshipping a business. However, there are several stumbling blocks that may stop you from starting your business. Dropshipping is now extremely popular as it requires little or no cash investment. If you are looking to invest with no cash except your time and the little money for your internet service, Dropshipping is for you – it is the easiest way to get into an online marketplace. Dropshipping involves searching for a dependable and well-grounded supplier who is prepared to give out products using your name.

Huge ambitions are mostly hampered by financial cutbacks. However, thanks to dropshipping, one can start any business at an affordable rate. You can access all the basic tools and guidelines you require to start an online business—and they are absolutely free.

The goal is to start an online business with just $0 and make $65 within 14 days. The tools give a free trial which lasts for 14 days. After the trial, you can buy the tools (which cost about $65) and continue building the online business or venture into something else. Your aim is to generate a considerable amount of sales, so don’t worry about specifics for now. In most cases, the name of your first store and banner design is sufficient enough. Make certain you start your online store quickly and concentrate on making sales.

So let us begin building your dropshipping business.

Things you should sell in your dropshipping store.
When selecting what to dropship (products or services), most people in either of these two categories.
• Having impulsive urge or idea; without planning carefully, which ends up with no results after wasting effort and time
• By spending a lot of time (weeks and months) searching for the right business idea, but end up picking the first idea.

To begin this challenge, make sure you not in either category (in the middle of both categories is preferable)
You must validate that potentials of your product with the available data, however, don’t spend so much time looking for better ideas. Dropshipping creates a platform where you can switch between plans and strategies swiftly. So if the first one is unsuccessful, do not fret! You can always try a different one later.

Search Other dropshipping Stores
Search different stores and shopping websites for any product ideas.
If you browse other online stores, check out their promoted products, offerings, and best selling lists. Many online stores have a lot of information and make use of the whole departments to select their products and plan their sales. Employ such details to your advantage.

Here are some e-commerce websites you can get ideas from:

• Oberlo
• Amazon Best Sellers
• AliExpress (Weekly)
• Daily Deals on eBay
• Lazada Top Sellers

Browse through Social Shopping website
Create an account on websites like Wanelo, Polyvore, Pinterest, and Fancy and find out what is trendy in the different categories.
There are over a million products on social shopping websites, and most people actually ignore these websites when researching, however, they are absolutely valuable.

If you must learn how to dropship with no money, When carrying out your research of product ideas, always consider these factors:

• stays off Broad Categories
Many People are exposed to several offers daily. Consider supplying products that are not provided adequately by the big players in the industry.
For instance, there is no distinct special interest group or pressure group for a random belt, however, you can discern easily that a cycling gear will go perfectly with cycling lovers and fanatics. Search for niches like women’s clothing, plus size, yoga accessories, or fitness leggings.

• Search for Products that are sellable below $60
With a selling price of $40 or $50, the profits are particularly good with a higher conversion rate. The rate is due to the fact that purchase needs minimal deliberations by the consumer

• Follow trendy Product
Make Use of Google Trends to check out trending products and if your ideas are in demand. Search for products with increasing demands and not otherwise.

Check out these few product ideas and suggestion.
Fitness Leggings and Bras
Fitness Clothing and Activities are trendy. Thanks to the advent technology, sports are now social media oriented. Social media platforms (Instagram etc) and apps like Nike+ and Endomondo have impacted sports greatly.

Wooden Shades
Wooden shades are a seasonal item that is frequently ranked among the top sellers on AliExpress.
• MEGIR Watches
MEGIR watch is a top rated brand on Oberlo and AliExpress. It offers cost-effective watches with a luxury appearance and they are accepted by people globally. You will find great reviews on Instagram and Youtube to show the quality.

Starting a Shopify Store
Remember your aim is to dropship with no money and make $65 in 14 days. What you actually need is a simple platform to sell your goods or products. A basic online store will help you achieve objective perfectly Furthermore, you just need to apply the basics before adding products and ultimately making sales.

• Choose a Dropshipping Store Name
You shouldn’t bother about choosing a store name right now. Think of a name that is simple and random like DealsDealsDeals, WatchMan, or myShop AlwaysTrendy.If you have trouble generating a good store name, you can make use of a Business Name Generator.

• Sign-up for a Free Shopify Account
Before now, you will need a server, transfer an e-commerce system to the server, employ someone to help you tweak it according to what you require and pay an amount to maintain it. Back then, it was time consuming, expensive and the overall outcome was still an ineffective and slow website.
With Shopify, you can Dropship with no money and also build an online store in minutes and the server setup is done automatically for you.

Click here to Start your free trial”, put in the name of your store, and click “Create your store”.

• Select a theme for your online Store
Go to Shopify Theme Store and select your preferred theme. There are several free options. To conserve time, choose a theme that requires little changes. Some well-known selections are SupplyNew, Standard, and Simple.

If you find a theme you like, select “Start with this theme United”

To personalize your theme, do this.

To customize the look of your store, locate Online Store, select ‘Themes’ and click on ‘Customize Theme 14-day
Go to the sidebar by the right, you will find all the sections of your online store’s theme: Body, Header, Footer, and so much more.
Open all the sections; you can play around the sections to get familiar with the theme’s options and how to tweak it.
Even though you don’t have anything specific to change, it is good to have an idea of what to do if you need to customize your theme in future

• Add Your Logo
In a situation where you do not have any specialized or technical skills, put in your name in the Logo Maker – you can also make use of the ‘Logo Maker’ application for Android and examine the variations till you have a nice looking logo.

• Get your basic pages ready
Having Content in your online store is important, however, the following sections are enough, to begin with: About Us, Privacy, Returns Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Contact Us, Shipping, and Delivery details.

To create pages, go to ‘Online Store’ then locate ‘Pages’ and click on ‘Add Page’

About us — this page should display information about you and what you offer. Here, people will learn about you and the page may determine if they will buy, from you or not. You may keep this page sweet and short for now

Delivery and Shipping Information — many sellers on AliExpress, possess similar delivery and timeframe prices. You can also copy and paste the information.

Contact us — maintaining close contact with all your customers is absolutely important. Ensure you place a visible and clear ‘Contact Us’ link on your online store. To create your contact page, select the ‘Add a New Page’ button and customize the template of the page to ‘contact.’

Required Policies — emails, visit ‘Settings,’ then select ‘Checkout’ and locate the Privacy, Refund, and TOS statements segments to create a policy sample.

• Add Payment Gateways
By adding payment gateways like Shopify payments to your e-commerce store, you will start receiving money.

• Adjust your Shipping Settings
Almost all sellers on AliExpress offer free delivery, so add a free shipping option for your orders.

Visit ‘Settings,’ then ‘Shipping’ and remove all the non-international shipping zones and change the rate of the international zone – use Free. You can adjust the shipping rates much later by adding more delivery alternatives, but using free shipping will do for now.

• Set up the Billing Information
Before your launch, your e-commerce store put in your Shopify billing details. However, you won’t be charged until you elapse the 14-day trial time-frame. Go to ‘Settings,’ locate ‘Account’ and put in your billing details.

Your e-commerce store is ready!

Finding dropship Suppliers
Remember your goal: To dropship with no money and make $65 within 14 days.
You have to add products as soon as possible. Choosing a fulfillment method is your choice. Every model has its advantages and disadvantages, and virtually all of these models can give details of successful organizations using their methods. Dropshipping with AliExpress is an easy and fast way to start your e-commerce business. Moreover, 14 days is quite a huge time frame, and you need something easy and fast.

AliExpress Dropshipping
The AliExpress dropshipping functions like the conventional dropshipping method. You can easily copy AliExpress product to your online store and set prices or markups for your own products. After selling a product, buy it from the AliExpress store and ship it directly to your own customer. AliExpress dropshipping has several advantages; however, dropshipping is way more modulated than just loading the inventory.

Aliexpresss dropshipping Advantages:
• You manage your own margins. With AliExpress Dropshiping, you are not tied to an MSRP or suggested a retail price; you can choose your own retail price.
• You can begin instantly at no cost. AliExpress dropshipping is very plausible without having close contact with the supplier.
• You do not require a successful business entity to start your e-commerce store. However, you will require as you excel.
• You can access several products instantly.
• AliExpress have trendy products; even Chinese suppliers carry out their research studying the trends.

Aliexpress dropshipping Disadvantages
• When dropshipping, it is quite difficult to have any competitive benefit, with AliExpress, it gets even more difficult.
• There are several copyright violations on AliExpress; thus, if you are not cautious, you will become part of it.
• There is no uniform return policy because AliExpress is basically a retail site.
• Apart from the United States, it takes at least 30 days to make complete delivery to certain parts of the world, however, people who live in those sections are used to longer delivery times. However, the longer delivery times can make it unappealing to several customers.

Now, is AliExpress dropshipping worth it? Absolutely! There are over 2,200 online stores employing AliExpress dropshipping, and these stores have made more than $8,900,000 in earnings over the last six months.

Do you want to proceed? Here is how…

• Add some products to your Wish List
Visit and search for all the products you want to sell. As soon as you find the product that suits your search specification, put it on your wish list (AliExpress account)
If you want to sell your products in the United States of America, make certain you use the ePacket delivery to deliver your products. ePacket delivery only takes about nine to fourteen days to get to the United States, sometime faster, while certain delivery options take at least one month.You can install Oberlo’s Chrome Extension, which is free to sort the ePacket products in your category page.

• Avoid going for the lowest price all the time
In most cases,’s prices depend on the quality, hence; do not get too comfortable and happy when you see a similar product with a lesser price. Even though lower prices do not really mean that the products are of low quality, we recommend that you stay away from these kinds of situations.

• Find Suppliers that possesses over 95% positive response
The two vital factors to consider while analyzing sellers are Positive Feedback Rate and Feedback Score.
The Positive response Rate denotes the all feedback rate received by the supplier, while the Feedback Scores displays sales volume of the seller. Make sure you aim for at least a 2,000 feedback score and a positive feedback rate of 95%.

• Evaluate the supplier’s Responsiveness
For instance, if there is an urgent situation and a customer reports a conflict on your account (PayPal) and request for a reshipment. you will need an immediate response from your supplier right
To avoid such circumstance, make sure you check the responsiveness of AliExpress suppliers before moving their products to another country. Contact them via and check out how fast you will receive a response and solution. You can also create an imaginary scenario by claiming that you have not received an order you placed. Note the time frame it takes the seller to respond and how they manage the situation.

• Setting up Oberlo
Before loading your store with products, make sure you set-up the app. Visit the Oberlo settings page, update the Price Multiplier and discover other settings.

• Import Products
If you have not installed the free Oberlo’s Chrome Extension, do that so you can use the importing method. After installing the extension, locate your Wish List on AliExpress and import all the products saved initially. Or you can go through AliExpress and search for any products you wish to import; you will find an arrow down button (blue in color) on the extreme end of the right side of your browser window.

• Enhance your e-commerce Store
Here are some things to do in order to enhance your store.

• Use Trust Seals App to boost trust
Yes, some shoppers can’t buy from people they don’t trust. A large number of your potential customers who visit your site may be reluctant to shop at your store, especially if they don’t know about the store. Trust Seals displays a couple of security logos at the lower end of your page and it will help reduce customer concerns.

• Showcase prices in different currencies using the Currency Localizer Application
In contrast to paid traffic, controlling your traffic audience (free) is easy and a majority of them will come from different countries. Optimize the rate of your conversion by utilizing a currency conversion app.

• Create an FAQ Page
One of the most effective methods of answering to customer’s questions (especially frequently asked questions) is to create a page with several questions and answers. For instance, How long will shipping take? What is the status of my shipped item? Etc.

• Collect emails withSoundest and get-back abandoned carts
About 65% of shoppers who have items in their cart may not buy from you. Remind them by sending these potential customers cart recovery emails.
You can set up pop-up boxes to collect emails from e-commerce store’s offering them an incentive and other discounts.

• Designing your product banner
Use product images instead of creating a custom banner because making beautiful banners needs a lot of money and time. If you choose to use a tool such as, choose a banner size (1200x360px), upload an image of your products, go to ‘background’, write a brief description, insert a ‘Buy Now’ button, and you forefront!

Making your first dropshipping sales
Remember your objective: to Dropship with no money and make $65 within 14 days. Now that your e-commerce store is functioning completely, what is left is to make the $65! With the time you have left in your quest, explore these ideas listed below and see what will work for you.

• Reddit Marketing
Your posts on Reddit will be a success if you have sufficient up-votes to keep you at the forefront of other posts. To get them, ensure that our posts are unique, helpful, funny, interesting, or cute—don’t make it too over-promotional. Look for subreddits that have content related your product or your store’s category and search for ways to place your brand and products in the content – you can share video reviews, a blog post, a post relating to your product, or even a business story.

• Tumblr screenshot and Blog
The social networking platform is geared towards a particular content. Creating your online presence will need some time; however, it is worth the wait and effort. Post frequently, stay active, and always make sure you associate with several other bloggers and their fan base or followers.

• Facebook Groups
The platform is a perfect way to reach out to many people effectively without spending cash. Nonetheless, many groups have (strict guidelines. Look for groups appropriate for the product you sell and earn their trust by identifying with their audience. Comment on posts by individuals in the group or share non-promotional and valuable content. After a while, you can advertise your online store coupons, make them know more about you.

• Instagram influencers
Virtually everyone uses Instagram. It is s a strong tool used to showcase your products to many people globally. However, growing by sharing the photos of your products with various hashtags requires a lot of time. Make a list of powerful Instagram profiles and ask them to help you promote your products or become an affiliate.

Wanelo is a great place to search for ideas and sell your products too. Install the app in your online store, get certified, and synchronize the entire product with their respective marketplace.
Conclusively, Our objective is to bring to you ways you can Dropship with no money, how it is easy to begin and give you the right roadmap that will help you achieve it.

Now, it is your turn to start! If you do not succeed the first time, don’t give up. Repeat the process until you achieve those goals.