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Sitting here with my little one year old daughter really puts things into perspectives especially in terms of one day becoming financially independent. I have an amazing job which I love however, the goal is to make an enormous amount of money without the sacrifice of my precious family time.

I started my eBay business for one purpose and that was to become financially independent from a 9 to 5 job. I started off selling unwanted items I found around the house. I then started reselling thrift store items, which was so much fun to hunt those items down. Then began selling used cell phones and electronics on eBay and Craigslist.

I now operate three drop shipping stores EBay, esty, shopify they all make a great deal of money F.Y.I, I did get kicked off of eBay however it was a blessing because I was able to then create my own dropshipping sites which are more profitable then my past ebay stores. All of my niche items come from wholesalers I found on Salehoo. In order to make a good profit drop shipping you have to find items at low cost and there is no better way to find those items than Salehoo, believe me I tried almost all other resources.

Some of you use Amazon, Overstock or even Wal-Mart listing posting them on eBay and you’re probably making sales too. There nothing wrong with that however, have you ever stop to think how sellers on Amazon are able to offer such low prices and still able to make a profit? They are selling items they bought at wholesale prices that’s how. Finding your niche item at its lowest price is the key. Salehoo provides you with that key. The reason why I’m all farts and giggles over Saleshoo is because it really streamlines the wholesaler search process for you.

Have you ever had something so amazing happen to you that you just couldn’t wait to go tell somebody LOL, well that’s what happened to me and that’s why I created this review. Please go check them out for yourself.

Click here to visit Just so you know it is $67 yearly subscription, but you get a full 60 days to try it and get a refund and can cancel at any time, you have nothing to lose.Every business requires a personal investment personally and financially. I guarantee you if you decide to dropship which a one of the Salehoo wholesalers it will be the best $67 dollars investment into your business. May god bless you all I wish you all the best in all your business ventures. Thanks for taking the time to read this description.

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