When it comes to online shopping, Salehoo and AliExpress are two popular websites. Many people use them for different reasons.

Salehoo is an online marketplace with a large variety of products from wholesalers around the world. It also provides drop shipping services, allowing customers to purchase items without stocking up on inventory first.

Meanwhile, AliExpress offers customers access to thousands of Chinese manufacturers at low prices.

But which one should you choose? This article will compare both companies and discuss their pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Does Salehoo Use Aliexpress?

Yes, SaleHoo uses AliExpress. It’s a great way to find reliable products and save time when creating an online store.

With the help of SaleHoo Dropship, it takes no time at all to import millions of products from AliExpress into your own store. I have used this combination myself and found that it is really helpful for finding quality items in just a few clicks!

SaleHoo also provides reviews on each product from AliExpress so you know exactly what to expect before purchasing anything. This helps me make sure I’m getting high-quality goods for my shop without any surprises.

Plus, since everything has already been vetted by SaleHoo experts, there are fewer chances of things going wrong with the order or delivery process.

Using both services together makes setting up an online business much easier than ever before. All you need to do is search through the options provided on SaleHoo Dropship and select the ones you want for your store – then they’ll be imported right away!

There are plenty of features available too such as discounts and promotions, so you can get even more value out of using these two services together.

Overall, combining AliExpress with SaleHoo is a great way to quickly set up an online store while still having access to quality products that meet customer expectations. If you’re looking to start selling online but don’t have the time or energy to go through thousands of different vendors yourself, then this could be the perfect solution for you!

Is There A Better Site Than Aliexpress?

Sites like AliExpress are great for finding products at low prices, but there may be better options out there. For example, DHGate and Banggood offer similar products as AliExpress with even lower prices. These two sites have millions of products listed so customers can find exactly what they need.

CJdropshipping is another option that provides a complete A-Z solution to dropshipping without the hassle of dealing directly with manufacturers from China or other countries. My experience using these different sites has been good overall.

I’ve found some really good deals on both DHGate and Banggood when compared to AliExpress which gave me more money in my pocket after buying items. Prices on CJdropshipping were also competitive and their shipping was fast and reliable.

They also provide many helpful features such as product sourcing and automated order processing, making it easier for new entrepreneurs to get started in dropshipping businesses. Overall, if you’re looking for an alternative toAliExpress then you should definitely look into DHGate, Bangood, and CJdropshipping.

All three of these platforms have plenty of benefits over AliExpress including low prices on quality items, fast shipping times, and helpful features designed to make your life easier while starting a business selling online. So don’t forget about them when searching for the perfect marketplace!

Where Are Salehoo Suppliers From?

Moving on from AliExpress, SaleHoo is an online directory of dropship manufacturers and suppliers. It was founded in New Zealand back in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most reliable sources for finding quality goods at a low cost.

You can find almost any item you are looking for through SaleHoo’s extensive selection of products. They have categories ranging from apparel to electronics, making it easy to find what you need.

Furthermore, many of their suppliers come from trusted countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which adds an extra layer of security when buying items.

I recently purchased some clothing items from SaleHoo and I’m really pleased with my purchase! The prices were extremely competitive compared to other sites I’ve looked at and the product arrived quickly without any issues whatsoever. Plus, they offer great customer service so if there ever was a problem with your order then they would be more than happy to help out.

Overall, SaleHoo is a great option for anyone who wants to buy quality goods without breaking the bank. Their selection of products is vast and their prices are unbeatable – plus their customer service makes sure that everything runs smoothly during your shopping experience.

How Much Does Salehoo Cost?

Using SaleHoo can be a great way to get started with your online business. It offers a variety of services that are sure to help you succeed. But how much does it cost?

This article will break down the costs associated with using SaleHoo and explain why it’s worth every penny.

The SaleHoo directory is one of the most popular options for sellers looking for new products and suppliers. You can purchase access for $67 per year, or if you want lifetime access, you can pay $127 upfront. With this option, you’ll have access to over 1.6 million verified wholesalers, manufacturers and dropshippers from all around the world!

Another service offered by SaleHoo is their Dropship program. If you’re just starting out in eCommerce, this could be an ideal choice for you because all the inventory management is done by them. The standard plan costs $27 per month while the premium plan can be purchased at $97 per month – giving customers advanced features like automated pricing updates and automatic shipping calculations.

Finally, there’s also SaleHoo Educate which provides users with expert training on how to properly manage their own store as well as tips on finding profitable niches and sourcing reliable suppliers. This platform comes with a 60-day free trial period followed by a one time fee of only $47 – making it very affordable compared to other similar solutions available on the market today!

Overall, when considering value for money along with quality customer support and training opportunities provided by SalesHoo, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs choose this platform over others; its wide range of services coupled with competitive prices make it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to start or grow their online business!


In conclusion, SaleHoo and AliExpress are both great sites for finding products to sell.

SaleHoo does not actually use AliExpress for any of its suppliers; instead, the majority of their suppliers come from all over the world, so you can trust that you’re getting quality items.

Furthermore, SaleHoo is also more cost-effective than AliExpress – I found that I could easily save money on my orders with them compared to what I was paying before.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable source of wholesale goods at discounted prices then it’s definitely worth checking out SaleHoo!