The difference between a successful dropship business entrepreneur and a struggling one is the ability to recognize the best business dropshipping opportunities and take full advantage of them.

With the best dropship business opportunities at your fingertip, you can easily scale through the dropshipping business and gain higher margin – competition on not.

Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry (too much) about issues such as:

•    Missing items,

•    Product quality

•    Botched shipments

•    Shipping speed or

•    Low-quality packing; when you take advantage of the best dropship opportunities.

Not to mention you get to build a business empire free from the traditional business inventory, fulfillment, and selling at a loss issue.

Grab a sit, pay attention and raptly read on for the best dropship business opportunities.

First, what is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that takes most traditional business risks off the path of an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur who dropships does not have to worry about the inventory of product, fulfillment, packaging & shipping, high overhead expenses, or any other cost in general, among other things.

Note that you can enter the dropshipping market with as little as $100 – except you want the money to work for you rather than go through the processes yourself.

Also, you can dropship to expand your e-commerce catalog. That is, you display goods you dropship along with goods you ship yourself, giving your online store the impression of a megastore.

The entrepreneur simply partners with a wholesaler or manufacturer that dropships and orders for the product they sell after been paid by the consumer.

Generally, the retailer doesn’t have to worry about additional cost on each order – he buys at the normal price the wholesaler sells to people not dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a very attractive form of business, considering the risk factors involved in traditional business and the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world with just:

•    A laptop

•    Internet connection and about

•    $200 in your account

Consequently, a lot of people are in the dropshipping business, meaning a high level of competition and a low-profit-margin; but the good far outweighs the bad; especially when you’re making use of the best dropship business opportunities.

The below list is not in any order of importance.

6 of the Best Dropship Business Opportunities

1. Doba – There is practically no way you would have researched dropshipping without coming across the name Doba.

Doba is a dropshipping company that provides you with the best dropship business opportunity and it ranks as number one on almost every dropship companies review.

Started by Jeremy Hanks, it serves as a middleman between you and wholesalers and connects you to hundreds of suppliers.

Not only does Doba provide you with over 2 million products, but also allow you choose any product you want without the complexities that come with dealing with two or more dropshipping suppliers.

Here is why they’re getting the accolades

•    Free trail – Doba offers a 30 days free trial period without requesting for your credit card detail so there is no issue of accidental charges during the trial period It previously offered a 7 days trial period with a requirement for a credit card.

•    A wide range of product – with Doba, there is no limit to the number of products you can choose. Doba will contact the supplier for you.

•    Easy to use/navigate – it is quite user-friendly, with filters to help you through your search.

•    Uploading product information is faster and easier.

•    Doba makes sure suppliers deliver your specified product.

However, there are two sides to a coin. Thus, you should also consider if it is beneficial before taking the offer.

What’s not so good about Doba?

•    Expensive – Doba’s membership fee is on the high side of the market

•    Expensive products – products on Doba can hardly compete with prices of products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and E-bay, which makes it difficult to compete with the competition.

•    Canceling membership – Doba offers three membership plan. If you’re on the basic plan, you might find it pretty hard to cancel your membership and customer service is not encouraging.

•    Lack of product review – Amazon, for instance, shows you product ratings so dropshippers can see how well a product is doing in order to make informed choices; whereas Doba does not offer this opportunity.

However, suppliers have a scorecard so you get to know the most reliable.

2. Oberlo – Shopify owns Oberlo now, the Oberlo plugin is built for Shopify stores and has some other great features. Oberlo is another dropshipping giant with success stories that will inspire you – imagine $30,000 sales-per-day record! You can get the Oberlo app via shopify or its website.

Its unique selling point is how it simplifies the whole dropshipping process that at the end you might stop to think, “Wait, is that it?” Yes, it is that easy.

Correspondingly, it allows you to easily sync thousands of dropshipped products from Chinese stores with your e-commerce store.

In addition, Oberlo

•    Handles packaging

•    Delivers orders to your customer

•    Track shipment status and

•    Notifies them through emails

Why you should consider this best dropshipping business opportunity:

•    Higher margin – unlike Doba’s dropshipping low margin, products on Oberlo sell for such low prices that you can still sell at the same price others sell on Amazon or eBay without running a loss.

In other words, you get to adequately compete without stress.

•    Email notification – the fact that they notify your customer about their order status, through emails is amazing – and it goes down into your good customer service record.

•    Easy Access – Oberlo grants you access to thousands of manufacturers

•    Cheap – Oberlo’s monthly subscription starts with a free for life plan.

3. MegaGoods – if you are into video games and electronics, the best dropship business opportunity you’ll find out there, is with MegaGoods.

Although MegaGoods only offers about 2000 products, if you’re only focusing on the electronics market, it is very suitable for you.

Plus, it comes packed with 30 days free trial, low membership cost and a record of two days delivery speed!

Why you should consider MegaGoods

•    30 days free trial – it won’t hurt to check them out for a month and see if they fit your needs or you should consider the other best dropship business opportunities.

•    Low membership fee – there’s only one plan

•    Great delivery speed

•    You can browse through available products before signing up

•    Fast Customer service response.

The bad side?

•    Limited products

•    No smooth integration between it and other websites.

•    Credit card information is required while signing up. This could lead to unnecessary charges been deducted from the account (mistakenly)

4. Salehoo – this is a dropship conglomerate with over 2.5 million products, 8000 companies, and suppliers. Just giving you access to all those suppliers make Slaehoo one of the best dropshipping oppportunites available.

Apart from its product and supplier power, it constantly educates clients on which products will give them a higher margin through its market research lab open to its customers.

Why you should consider Salehoo

•    High margin – every entrepreneur starts a business with the hope to make a profit; Salehoo understands this, so it provides you with the opportunity while still training you to spot and grab the best opportunities as they come your way

•    60 days money back policy

•    Verified Wholesaler

•    Award-winning customer support

•    A wide range of products

What’s not so great about Salehoo

•     No free trial – once you sign up and pay for membership, what you get, is what you get.

•    One plan – Salehoo offers only one plan. It is a yearly plan and it is not costly, considering the added benefits that come with it; but one plan forces their clients to pay more than they would have if the price was broken down to a monthly plan

5. Alibaba – this is arguably the largest e-commerce store out there. With millions of products and thousands of suppliers, almost anything you want to buy is here.

However, not all suppliers/wholesalers on Alibaba offer dropshipping services – you would need to find the one that does.

On the bright side, goods on Alibaba sell at cheaper rates than anywhere else, which covers up for the stress you will go through searching for wholesalers/suppliers who dropship.

Why you should consider Alibaba

•    No sign-up fee

•    The largest Wholesalers and suppliers

•    There is a buyer’s protection policy.

Things you should carefully consider before signing up on Alibaba

•    Shipping time varies – buying goods from different suppliers’ means they deliver at their different speed.

If your customer happens to order for goods you get from different suppliers, he/she will receive the goods separately.

•    Shipping is very slow with some suppliers

•    Not all suppliers/wholesalers dropship.

These are the top best dropship business opportunities in the field right now and you should make use of the one(s) that best suits your needs.

Conclusively, the dropship business is an ever-increasing one. The more you delay the less profit you’re likely to make. Importantly, remember to create your own e-commerce store, it is the best means of scaling through the dropship business and making six figures.

6. Is the best drop shipping option for anyone wanting to own a dropshipping business. In the dropshipping website niche, they are the best period.

There is, of course, Shopify, however, Shopify requires that you build the store from scratch yourself which is very time-consuming. Despite what all the dropshipping gurus on YouTube say building a successful dropshipping business via the Shopify app is not as easy as you think.

Why you should consider using

  • Free hosting for life.
  • Free digital marketing ads
  • Free Facebook Business page
  • Free marketing guide
  • Free access to step by step training
  • 100% done for you store
  • 100 + items added your store
  • 24-hour support
  • One time fee
  • No hidden fees

What to carefully consider before buying a website from

Premade websites – Dropship Rocket offers premade websites for sale. Which means one or more business owner may already have the exact same website you are wanting to buy.

Custom made websites – They do offer custom made websites, you can have a website built in any niche you like. I currently have 3 custom made websites from however, we custom made websites pricing starts at $399 which is one hundred dollars more than there premade websites. But in comparison $399 is much less than the thousands of dollars you would pay to have other web designs company who do not specialize in e-commerce build your store.

WordPress stores – Dropship Rocket specializes in WordPress e-commerce stores. So if you looking for a Shopify business  Dropship Rocket is not for you they won’t even consider building a Shopify store.

They told me that Shopify requires monthly fees rather you store making sales or not. WordPress stores do not you pay once and that’s it. Actually, for the price of owning one basic Shopify store a year you could buy 3 stores which are built for you with more plugins and features.

Dropship Rocket is surly one of the best dropshipping opportunities available to date.