What is an average dropshipping income? When does the first sale begin? When will I have a stable income? But before I answer these questions, let’s discuss the basics of dropshipping.

How dropshipping improves the supply chain.

Presently, the methods of running businesses have improved. The improvements are usually structured to measure up with the demands of the internal and external business environment.

That said, the emergence of dropshipping has improved the supply chain process. Indeed, wholesalers and retailers stock goods. But with dropshipping, they no longer go through stress to make physical purchases.
Also, dropshipping eliminates the need to rent a store. The only store required is an online store. While retailers and wholesalers (the drop shippers) display products on their online stores, the products remain with the supplier.

So dropshipping allows the transfer of orders placed by customers to a third party. The third party includes a manufacturer, a dropshipping supplier, other retailers, and wholesalers.

How dropshipping works?

It’s an e-commerce business model that enables dropshippers to sell products. These products are not in their possession. But they need to partner with a supplier. The suppliers are responsible for transferring goods to final consumers.

As stated earlier, you need an online store to start. The simplest way to create a dropshipping store is to have one built for you. Dropshipping platform like Dropship Rocket create amazing wordpress based dropshipping business and digital services businesses to help you get started dropshipping. Having an online store would enable customers to make purchases from different products on display.

Here an example of the dropshipping order process.

  • Buyer purchase item from your store
  • You get notified of the order and money is deoposited into your account.
  • You then place the order with your dropship wholesale supplier.
  • The dropship supplier recieves your order and ships the item to custermer who purchased from your store.
  • The differnce in price from what you sold the item for and what you paid the supplier for the item is yours to keep as profit.

So if you sold an item at $75 and your cost was $25 to the supplier. You would profit $50 minus any payment gateway fees or taxes.

The cost of the purchases made goes to the dropshipper via an available payment option. Usually, the prices attached to the products in online stores are the retail prices.

What Business Structure Is Best For A Dropshipping Business

Corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, and limited liability companies are the common forms of business structures. A dropshipping business can be operated with any of the above-mentioned business structures. But, for any structure used to run a dropshipping business, there are pros and cons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of running a dropshipping business with a sole proprietorship and corporation structures respectively.

Sole proprietorship
Minimal legal structure requirement and tax benefits are the significant advantages of using a sole proprietorship dropshipping business. Adverse situations such as lack of scalability or lawsuits will make the owner liable for damages. Most drop shippers operating this structure will experience this disadvantage.

An advantage includes the reduction of individual liability. In contrast to a sole proprietorship business, which is operated by a single person, a corporation is owned by shareholders. Further, the board of directors is responsible for controlling the business.

The major disadvantage of this form of dropshipping is the stipulated minimum tax of $800 per annum. What this means is, it’s not based on the profit or loss status of the business.

The Average Dropshipping income

So, get to the figures.
Won’t it be great to know the average dropshipping income? But, it’s only possible if entrepreneurs submit their revenues. So we can only base average incomes on actual stories on blogs and dropshipping forums
Check this out…

There is a dropshipper who manages a general store, target buyers from the US, Philippines, and Brazil. He makes an average sale of $3,000 daily. The journey was quite rough. But with confidence, persistence, and Google AdWords it became possible to obtain success.

In 2017, a dropshipper was managing 7 stores at a go. With his newest store, it took him one month to make $14,500 in profits and $28,000 in sales.
Another dropshipper from Estonia with no background experience managed to make an average dropshipping income of $10,000 monthly!

The same results can be seen by purchasing a dropshipping business via Dropshiprocket.com entrepouners who have invested in dropshipping store from Dropship Rocket have reported up to $13,000 monthly in recurring income.

So what can you deduce from these figures?

Dropshipping doesn’t limit your profits – From the instances above, each dropshipper has different daily and monthly income.
No barriers can limit your dropshipping income.
Dropshipping has a lot to offer. It’s not all about the money – This point is clearly expressed in several of dropshiprocket.com breakthrough client stories.

I believe there’s a big difference between working for someone and managing your own store. In my opinion, if you dread working in someone else’s interest, then it should motivate you to run your own dropshipping store.

The following facts can assist in ascertaining albeit not precisely drop shipping income:

The profits of Suppliers who adopt dropshipping is estimated to be 18.33% above their counterparts still threading the traditional path.

22-33% online retailers use the drop shipping business model to run their businesses.

34% of the sales realized by Amazon.com in 2011 emanated from dropshipping.

Retail e-commerce grows yearly by 17%. It is also estimated as a market worth $220 billion in the United States. It is pertinent to consider the income generating prospect of the dropshipping business:

The ability to generate income depends on the product sold. Products with low prices and high margin can boost dropshipping income. Equally, you need sales to generate income. Adopting the following measures can help improve sales and revenue:

Dont Give Up On Dropshipping
To nurture any business, you must be consistent. Dropshipping requires consistency. A low-profit-margin at the initial stage should not make you quit. If you take the appropriate measures, the long run promises more earning.

Learn the dynamics Of Dropshipping
Invest time to learn how a dropshipping system operates. Remember, you need sales to generate income. So, learn how to market the products in your online store. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and paid marketing platforms to promote your online products.

Be proactive With Your New Dropshipping Business
Yes, you have no physical contact with the goods. They are only displayed in your store as a means of attracting customers to make purchases. What then becomes of the transaction made if the product is below standard? Now, this is where being proactive comes to play. Adopt a refunding measure with a stipulated number of days, where a customer can return defective products to the dropshipping supplier.

Display products that are in demand in your online store
For rapid sales, you must observe trends. Add products that are in high demand to your online store. To know high demand or best selling products, visit platforms such as dropship spy, ecomhunt, Amazon, AliExpress, and more.

  • Similarly, the following products are proven to be in high demand:
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Smart watches
  • Teeth whitening kit
  • Baby carrier
  • Organic tea
  • Facial mask
  • Yoga Mat
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Bluetooth headphones

The risk of keeping only trending products on display lies in the ease of saturation of the products. It is advisable to rely on a market survey as well.
Asides being an income generating venture, dropshipping also possess the following benefits:

How much money do you need to start dropshipping.
Dropshipping only needs a small startup capital. Dropshippers make payment to the suppliers after products are paid for. It eliminates the traditional cost of investing in the products.

What are the business expenses for a drophipping website?
Apart from not paying rent, other expenses such as the salaries of a warehouse worker, store worker, or freight charges aren’t applicable.
Reduced entry barrier
A dropshipping business model allows for ease of entrance. It is due to an affordable start-up cost.

Complementary functions
Indeed, dropshippers are responsible for marketing their products. But the suppliers are responsible for packaging and shipping products to the customer’s destination.

Availability of space
Products do not occupy physical spaces in any store. It serves as leverage because online will always have space to display as many goods as desired.

Minimizes risks
The dropshippers are prone to are a limited risk, which is due to the non-storage of goods. Stored goods are at risk of expiring, theft, damage, and more.

Running a drop shipping business provides the possibility of running other businesses or jobs if available.

While stores situated in physical locations are characterized by immobility, online stores are very mobile. In fact, they’re operated from any location.
You can earn from dropshipping. As you can see, the average dropshipping depends on many factors which, can be regulated and controlled by your efforts.

Do you know the best part? It doesn’t matter how big or small your income is, whatever your dropshipping store makes, it’s all yours. Good luck!